Acne Tips, what is causing acne and what you can do to stop it?

Acne TipsUnderstanding what is causing acne is the first step to preventing it. If you are a teenager than acne is caused primarily by hormones and essentially you will just have to outgrow it. However if you are adult and plagued with acne still you might be wondering what your other options are. Simply put you can be causing your acne problems simply by what you are putting on your skin.

Certain makeups will irritate skin and cause you to break out, if you have always used the same makeup and had problems with acne, or recently changed makeup and suddenly find yourself breaking out try using a different kind or going without any makeup for a while. There are also some natural makeups that might help prevent your skin from breaking out.

Then there is the question of oily skin, if you have naturally oily skin you have a chance of breaking out more. However, do not make the assumption that you can simply dry out your skin and that will cure it. Using harsh soaps on your face can actually make you break out more, in fact the more you try to rid yourself of the oil problem the more oil your body is likely to produce causing you to breakout even more. Instead one skin expert suggests keeping your skin well hydrated. Use moisturizer on a regular basis. You do not have to use an oil based moisturizer, there are lots of different kinds.

Another kind of acne is caused by pressure to your face. Holding a phone to your ear all day, or resting your hand against your face for a prolonged amount of time will cause you to breakout. This kind of breakout that causes acne has to do with bacteria on the skin. The best way to prevent the breakouts then is to keep bacteria from getting on your skin, clean your hands on a regular basis and if you are frequently on the phone consider changing to hands free set or cleaning your one with a disinfectant.

Stress can also cause acne breakouts, of course the easiest way to prevent these types of breakouts is to avoid stress, and however avoiding stress isn’t always easy. If you have a lot of stress in your life thinks about ways to cut the stress out and figure out the best ways for you to relax. Some people find exercise to be the best way to relax while others enjoy a nice soak in the tub, going shopping or getting a manicure or pedicure. Whatever your stress reducer is, focus on it and cutting the stress out of your life. That will help reduce your chance of breaking out.

No matter what causes your acne, there is a way to treat it; there are natural ways to deal with acne that doesn’t require taking chemicals. Figuring out what is causing the acne is the first step, then try different methods until you figure out what works best for you to rid your acne problem.